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C6 A6 3.0TFSI Avant handling upgrades

rich764089 Nov 6, 2020

  1. rich764089

    rich764089 Registered User

    Hi everyone. I have the about car with S-line sports suspension and will be upgrading soon. I was just going to get a stiffer rear ARB, but at pushing 100k miles on probably original suspension, I might bite the bullet and get Eibach B12 Pro Kit. So, my questions are:
    a) would I notice much additional benefit of a stiffer rear ARB on top of Eibach B12 Pro Kit?
    b) will the Eibach B12 Pro Kit help reduce understeer like the rear ARB?
    c) what's best bang for buck if I only do one, RARB @ £350ish or Eibach B12 Pro Kit @ £800 ish?


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