C5 Allroad Fuel problem


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I am about to look at an 04 2.5 A6 allroad

apparently the owner says there is a problem with the secondary pump or lift pump or the pump that feeds the main pump (any of that make sense!)

I am assuming its is an in tank pump, havent found a schematic yet but does anyone have any experience of this?
easy job?

TYphoon GB

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The lift pump does little more than move fuel over the tank baffles.
If its a fueling issue its likely to be the main VP44 pump...
Look for 00550 fault codes. You will find a few posts on here...
No cheap solution......
Just my 10p worth....


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As above, most likely a dead injector pump, if it's cheap go for it and have the pump rebuilt...


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Then you need to change one of the pumps that transfer fuel from one side to the other...