Bye Bye saloon hello Avant


I have recently changed my pride and joy A4 Misano red 143 saloon,the boot had become to impracticle.After months of thinking and almost buying an Octavia VRS i decided to go with the Avant.The new car is a 2012 Black edition 170 and my god it shifts compared to the old 143 saloon.I have a question regarding the turbo on the 170 i can hear it spooling much louder than in the 143 is this normal??

I will get some more pictures up once i get chance to give a full detail.

Any way some pictures below i was gutted to see the saloon go as i had her from new and she served me well but a family that is getting bigger and golf clubs ment i needed more room in the boot(although same dimensions floor wise i have gained the height in the boot).I was never really a fan of the avant but love it in the black edition.

The old Saloon after a professional detail



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Nice :)


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Lovely colour, tbh prefer the avant & colour to your old saloon, how much did that set you back?


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Very nice, any extra toys?


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Nice mate. I looked at both before I bought my saloon. The avant only has 10 litres more space than the saloon and the fact that the back window gets constantly dirty persuaded me to get the saloon. Hope you enjoy your new toy!
I have to say out of all the estates out there, the A4 Avant is by far the best looking!!!!


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Blue Avant eh? Good choice ;)


Thanks for the comments.

With regard to the space yes on paper its not much bigger than the saloon but the Avant is much more practical with the opening.The example i have is we went on holiday and i managed to squeeze x2 cases in the saloon boot and a small bag nothing else i then had to have another case on back seat in between the kids and hand luggage bags dotted around the car,yes i know i only go away a few times a year but it was seriously doing my head in the opening on the saloon is awful the Merc C-class opening is much bigger.I looked at the C-class and 3series in both saloon and estate the BMW is smaller boot and the C-Class was just not for me although a big boot space both saloon and estate,i loved my A4 saloon (apart from the boot) so decided to stick with Audi and go with the avant.

Not many more toys other than B&O which is awesome ive heard people say its overated but believe me coming from standard stereo/speakers to B&O you can tell the difference.I did want SAT Nav in the new car but went with this car due to the deal.

I got a great deal from Salisbury Audi which is at the other end of the country to me they put me up in a hotel the night before.I had to do the deal over the phone as i only wanted to make one journey a 10 hour round trip.So i had to take the salesmans word for the condition of the car as did he for mine as part ex.I have to say he was near enough spot on to his word a couple of minor things that he had missed when i viewed the car which he sorted there and then, but i was overall happy with the car when i viewed it.I cant recommend the dealership enough they are a million times better than my local Audi dealers.
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