Bye Bye S3!


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Traded in my trusty S3 on Tuesday and picked up my S5.
S3 has been a great car over the year of ownership, quick, fun and looked great but I needed something a little bigger and easier on the longer journeys I am now doing..
Here's a quick pick for those interested.

Sad to see the S3 go but needs must! :arco:

If anyone is interested in a Superchips bluefin handset, or face lifted rear light set, let me know (no silly offers!)..

Thanks for all the info over the time especially people like Mark McQ with his retrofits...


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Hopefully will be on of the top contenders for my next weapon of choice if I can afford it.

Bet its absolutely gorgeous to drive.

What does it feel like in comparison to the S3. Very different animal I'd imagine.


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Nice car! Can i interest you in some illuminated Audi rings? Easy to install :)


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You lucky b*stard - my dream car at the moment.



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One of the best cars in the market today imo.


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Just getting used to a larger car again!...
It is totally different from the S3 in most ways to be honest. Doesnt feel as 'rapid' or urgent, but then again, I did chip mine (bluefin). Car is superb on the long journeys but surprisingly quick on the a roads too plus that V8 rumble is awesome.
The inside is such a nice place to be; the car has the silver leather interior with Carbon dash inlays and it is finished soooo nicely (i'll post a pic)..
MPG is better than my S4 was, a bit better than the RS4 but the S3 takes some beating given the fun factor (i easily got 32mpg plus on a run)..

Ash B

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Must say great looking S5. I bet your enjoying every minute of it. So whats it like? Think you will miss your S3? Or just forget about it now.
Once again car looks amazing


Quite the stable of Audis you have owned. Congrats on the latest addition. :icon_thumright:


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Yeah - congrats on the changeover - I'd be well pleased. I'd fear the fuel costs - but like you said the V8 rumble would make up for it.


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wow was not expecting that.

very nice, think the s5 looks so good in black, never been a big fan of them in white, but black looks very nice


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The S5 is stunning mate....congratulations. Nearly bought one before I got the S3, but I thought it might be a bit thirsty for me. Only thing that I was surprised with was the lack of rear leg room, the S3 actually had more room in the back. S5 is awesome though and when the little un gets a bit bigger and can strap himself in it's a definite contender for the future.


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Gotta love the drivers accomodation though, everything just where you want it, in a very comfortable and stylish package. I had thought about making the change too, but thought it wasnt quite suited to my age bracket.


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In some ways I miss the S3 already!; around town and local it was great; park it anywhere...

The S5 is kind of like picking the best leather armchair in the best hifi and gadget shop and just relaxing!...

Ended up sitting in the car for about an hour the other night watching quantum of solace blasting... the B&O 12 speaker surroung (505 watts!) is just superb!.
the back seats are actually really nice to sit in but legroom isnt really great with the fronts pushed back.... but then again, people needing that would probably opt for S4 or S6 anyway?...

I think the prices are coming down nicely now; I saw a 07 plate from coventry I think up for £29,999 so £29K buys that which is a specced S3 right?..


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That looks awesome!! Love the shape of the "5" series.


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Very nice, hows the handling ?


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just noticed you dont get the flat bottomed S steering wheel in the S5. After having one in the S3, it makes normal wheels look a bit dowdy. Other than that the S5 is king.


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Congrats mate. Part of me is seriously considering trading up to the S5 right now, it's a gorgeous car. The only down side is the fuel really. I am also thinking maybe I should wait until the new V6S versions have been out for a while then I'll get one of them instead.

But then I may get posted back to Germany in a couple of years so then I really will be stuck for choice!!

Enjoy :rock:


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Very Nice Car,

The A5/S5 and BMW 3 Coupe must be two of the best cars around at the moment,

Had an a5 3.0 tdi Manual as a Courtesy Car recently, absolute flying machine, but the Clutch felt sooooo Heavy!!!!

The look of the A5/S5 with front LED lights on just tips it for me as the best looking at present,

Be interesting to see who can top that look with new technology around
in lights etc

Rgds Tom