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Dec 11, 2007
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boston, lincs
I've finally sold my b6/7 and decided to go for something abit more economical, its not the a4 but its ****** good fun!! I'm still gonna pop on from time to time and I appreciate all the help and info I've got from all the veterans on here, and no doubt juss will get random texts from me occasionally too, so never fear mate!! Take care fellas. Pete
We should have a sweepstake on what car you got! Polo gti is my guess. :)

Hope you got a decent amount for the a4 mate. And enjoy the new car
Bye Pete :bye:

is it a toyota ayago :jump:
Wahooo. So is it a lot of fun then? I imagine it's hugely different to the a4. I know nothing about lupo's, not even engine size or bhp etc. And get some pics up!
okey dokey!!









What ya fink?!?
Lovely looking little lupo mate really like the wheels :icon_thumright:
thanks buh!! yeah the monos really set it off, plus they're a good speed deterrant coz if you give it beans they catch, and if you go above 30 round a roundabout they catch, basically they catch alot!! might lift it up abit yet, but it looks good at 120mm drop i think!!
Love the Lupo, i think they're an awesome little car.
The lad who owned it before me(ross) took it, I nicked a couple of his pics to show it off!! plenty of time for me to take some scenes from around lincolnshire! and thanks jo33y, i've always loved them but needed to fine the right one!!
So, are they fast then? As mentioned, i have no idea what bhp they produce. Surely it weighs about as much as a shoe box, so should be great fun!

Looks like an ace little car mate! and glad you're enjoying it.
cheers doc, and its a 1.6 16v, 125bhp, 6 speed box, apparently 0-60 in 8 seconds and up to 127mph, but as this one is so low its built to cruise, not to race!! i'm sure if i lifted it it'd be a rocket seeing as half the weight-the rear seats-have been chucked and replaced with a brace bar, looks awesome, think the 1st and possibly only mod will be a fabia rs rear anti-roll bar seeing as everyone who has one seems to swear by how much they change the handling of the car, and hopefully stiffen it more at the back end so that catching the rear arches at roundabouts wont be such an issue!!
is this what the boys call a pocket rockit :yes:
i thought pocket rockit meant it was very fast lol
like i say, it would be if i was able to get it on a nice smooth road!!! but as none seem to exist I'll have to live with low and slow!!
Take it to France then mate. Thir motorways are rather nice in places. But I imagine that's boring. You wanna raise it a little and get on a track day.

Is it on coilivers??
yeah, fk silverlines, just waiting for the lad to send the spanners over, i dunno how much higher i wanna take it tho, itl spoil how pretty it is!!!
Don't higher it! Just get the arches rolled.

Looks sweet :icon_thumright:
Thanks head!! And i'm looking into arch rolling speedy but as the front wings are aluminium I've heard theyr a right nightmare to do, plus i need to find someone to do them, looked at but they're not returning my emails or calls!! So i dunno!! Also I think the rears have been done already, but still catch!! Need to get it up in the air and take a look exactly what damage its doing, but i'm not looking forward to notching the chassis though, that looks like a recipe for a whole load of grief. This is a whole new ball game for me, but I gotta say I can see the appeal to the 'low and slow' look, don't think Ill ever get the 'rat' look though...........
Haha Yes Pete so you finally got your Hands on one! My Mrs would love that, looks tiny but got a gentle mean look to it.....if that ever makes! What happened to the Nissan you was thinking of going for?
it had vvt rattle in the end mate, not happy!!! this is better tho, gets much more attention than any rising sun stuff does!!!

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