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rodney brown

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Now the braking side of things are more or less done, my attention turns to the engine.
Whilst I was familiar with the benefits of a BV43 turbo with the 1.9 pd 130, thanks in no small part to all the information from Desertstorm on ukpassats, I've not read anything from owners that have done this on the 2.0 BRE engine. So, anyone done this ?It's obviously not the fitting of, more the small bits that only experience of doing the job can give.
I would be very appreciative of any practical tips, thanks chaps, Rod.


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I was going to do this but recently sold my bv43.

I can’t see it being any different to a Passat, both 1.9tdi and our BRE engines are 1749 Garrett turbos and generally the same layout, I did the bv43 conversion on my b5.5 Passat so I do have some knowledge.

I’d just bought a gasket kit and was going to swap the whole unit, the only unknown in my eyes was if cutting the end off the turbo outlet pipe would be the right size for the outlet on the bv43.

oh and ideally it needs mating with an FMIC, not sure if the pd170’s run twin coolers, but it really helped on the passats, as iirc they used to blow the plastic end caps and get real high intake temps with just the one cooler.

I did try and search but couldn’t find any threads of people doing it to be fair, I also asked on here without any response iirc.


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Priority with a BRE 2.0 tdi is fixing the dodgy oil pump drive .

what is this dodgy oil pump drive you speak of Gaz? If one was thinking of repairing such an issue, what would you suggest as a fix? I’d appreciate some sort of link for repair and maybe even a document of what the fault actually is, it would be amazing if you could conjure up something like that but I feel I’ll be left disappointed.


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Ignore the chain driven part as yours is gear driven.

Kit 9 .


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OMG! You are the best Gaz, I never thought you’d pull it off.

I feel bad for saying this, but it’s like you’ve done this before.