Buying spares from european companies after 31/12/20

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Evening all, with all the brexit ups and downs a thought crossed my mind last night.
I need to order a pair of drive shafts, most of the best sources are European based companies although they say they are UK companies.
Autodoc is my preferred choice now but they are most certainly a European based company.

There price fluctuates daily as it is due to the euro exc rates, my basket contents have increased over night by £10 allready.
I suspect if I leave it after the 31/12 /20 prices will increase a lot more, but will it actually be noticed in the final price I pay at checkout or would it be prudent to order them asap just in case.

any thoughts guys.


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Not that I know about these things but I’d say watch this space.

At work my boss was telling me some of our containers of stock he’s leaving at the port until the prices come down a bit. Usually he pays $2000 to the freight company and now it’s jumped to $10500 because of brexit. He seems to think it will come down to around about 4K sometime in the first quarter

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