Buying c7


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Im looking to change mine for c7

what mpg are you getting fro. 3.0 tdi ?

Looking at the official numbers its quite good ...

2006 Audi A6 3.0TDI quattro sline le mans | Daytona Grey Pearl


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I'm runnning the 245bhp version of that engnie and unless you spend your liftetime on the motorway you can forget about getting those sorts of figures

I do a mixture of A roads and dual carriageways and over a tank I'm averaging about 34mpg. That's tracked over the last 8500 miles

On a run a can see low 50's but thats sat at 70-75mph

Mine is Quattro with S-Tronic


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Thanks . My current 3.0tdi quattro does 20-30mpg urban and 40mpg+ motorway .

2006 Audi A6 3.0TDI quattro sline le mans | Daytona Grey Pearl
bitdi, we get 38-43 running about and on a run if I can stick to 70 this can go up to 50mpg . but normally im doing 10 -20 mph more so get 44mpg on a run


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Mine is the 218ps version and the 46mpg i got on a clear run from Norfolk to Aldershot so started of in A/B roads then motorway all the way in doing 'around' the local speed limits.

The car was loaded with two adults baby dog and various paraphernalia associated with a weekend trip.

Forget official figures... You'll see between 35/45mpg real-world driving

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I have an 07 3.0tdi lemans manual and I've had a stage 1 remap I get 30mpg around town and 45 mpg on a run at 75ish mph .I went to the south of France in it for 10 days and I averaged 35 all the time I was there


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my C6 3.0 had a lifetime average of 32mpg, remapped - not bad for all the grunt!


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Forget those figures. Never going tot happen in a V6 diesel lugging near on 2 tons. Those figures are nearer to the Wife's 1.4tdi A2.

My 15 mine commute to work on B roads with traffic returns 35mpg. Commute on A roads 38-43mpg.