Buying an RS6 - Good or bad idea


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Oct 24, 2007
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Been reading a few topics on the cost to maintain one of these cars and it has really put me off.

I see the DRC is one of the big issues but if this has been removed and replaced with more conventional suspension like H&R or Bilsteins is the ride any worse?

Last thing I want is a money pit but the draw of the power and grip appeals. Idealy an Audi warranty is an idea or at least some kind of warranty. Are big maintenance bills just part of the ownership experience?

Somebody either put me off or encourage me:w00t:
Drove a remapped RS6 04 plate on coilovers and it was harsh but you'd get used to it. Well worth extended warranty, this one had to have a new gearbox whice wasn't too cheap, went like a rat out of an aquaduct though!
Had a guy at work who was selling his, took out the warranty every year for £1700p.a. and definately got his moneys worth each year out of it...

A lot of high performance cars eat money, but the driving experience is what you pay for. My Supra was amazing when driving it, but it cost me a hell of a lot of money over the years. Would I do it again? Yes. Would I do now, no. Head over heart wins now-a-days for me as have to fund a little girl instead now. Maybe once she's grown up, made me skint through uni fees, and then left home, I may get me another beast to drive...

Only you can judge it, at least you're thinking about it and not going in blind, it will most likely be costly, but definately a lot of fun. A warranty is a must, especially if older mileage, turbo replacement costs can be extremely upsetting...
No maintenance costs thus far under warranty (nearly up to 10k miles now!).

The biggest expense is how fast the new RS6 drinks petrol! You can actually watch the petrol gauge go down in front of your eyes. For short trips to the shops expect 10mpg - without even putting your right foot down once! On the motorways, you will never see better than 23mpg no matter how carefully you drive. Total I am averaging about 18mpg. To put that into comparison, my Porsche 997 Turbo gets severely spanked every weekend and that has a life time average of 22mpg!!!
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Loads of info on rs246 forum and I'm slightly more convinced it's not that bad. Sure if it goes wrong its going to be expensive but I think the idea is to avoid DRC cars unless under warranty and a recent change of discs/pads and tyres would be even better.
Agree, just make sure unless it's got a warranty, you've got enough to cover it if it does go wrong....

If I didn't have the little one I would buy an RS6 without thinking about it, so if you able to cope if you do have issues, then buy one, you'll love it no doubt!
I was in the same boat as you once but after time came to the conclusion that itd be too costly in the long run - but what a car!!!
I've got one, tyres & brakes will cost you a fortune. My warranty is with warranty direct (WD), and I have had a DRC fix (£700) and that's it. Cambelt, brakes & 5 year service cost £2k with a specialist.

I believe that WD will renew existing policies but will not take new ones - although they may just not cover DRC if you ask?

Great car.
The 6 is a supercar so don't expect corsa running costs. The main problem areas are the suspension, gearbox and to a lesser degree the intercoolers. If DRC is replaced with coilovers then that's one less headache. BTW, some coilies are far more forgiving than others and I believe H&R will give the firmest ride, whereas as Bilstein or FK will be more comfortable.

If the suspension is done then an aftermarket warranty like Warranty Wise (they still cover the RS6) will protect the gearbox and intercoolers.

The rest is routine maintenance, albeit slightly more expensive than say an M3 or RS4. Brakes, tyres and fuel are the next to consider.

In real terms over 1 year if you're paying £1-2k more in fuel then it's worth it as no other car will give you the pleasure of the 6 and they're fantastic vfm at the moment.

All said and done, if you can find one with an Audi warranty then you can drive it hard and not worry about a single thing (and I mean a single thing!!).

It's worth the £1700 p.a. upon extension as you can wake up every morning knowing you're fully protected.

I've now talked myself into getting another so buy my A4 and rest easy ;)
Why do I get the feeling that I am the only one in this thread talking about the latest RS6 (C6) and everyone else is talking about the old one (C5)?!

The C6 certainly doesn't need aftermarket suspension, or is old enough for extending aftermarket warranties....
Why do I get the feeling that I am the only one in this thread talking about the latest RS6 (C6) and everyone else is talking about the old one (C5)?!

The C6 certainly doesn't need aftermarket suspension, or is old enough for extending aftermarket warranties....

Alex, the OP talks about DRC and replacing this with aftermarket options, hence the presumption that he's referring to the C5.

My thoughts and comments are related to the C5.
Alex, the OP talks about DRC and replacing this with aftermarket options, hence the presumption that he's referring to the C5.

My thoughts and comments are related to the C5.

From RS6 Internet wiki:

C6 steering and suspension

Like the previous RS6, and the B7 RS4; this generation RS6 includes Audi's "Dynamic Ride Control" (DRC) Sports suspension system. The system is mainly mechanical; using a pump to provide additional pressure in the diagonally linked dampers (shock absorber) during cornering, to counteract rolling and pitching. The system can dynamically adjust the stiffness at each damper constantly to maintain both a comfortable ride and high grip. On this version, it has a three-way level control, selectable from the Multi Media Interface controls.

So the OP could easily be referring to the C6 also.

Why anyone would want to upgrade the suspension on a 2 tonne car though is beyond me. The sheer physics of that much momentum would mean better suspension wouldn't make you go round corners any faster than the stock suspension on a C6. So from this perspective alone I guess the OP was indeed referring to the C5 model (which is 200kg lighter than the new model).
Let's give the OP a bit of credit and assume he means the C5, as it is notorious for DRC issues, unlike the C6. However, Alex_RS6 makes a valid point. And good for you for having a new one too!!! I'll add that I've got the C5, so my comments only apply to that.
BM sold yet? RS6 bought?

Not yet. Had shot of a heavily tweaked 535d and to be honest its hard to fault that as a contender. I like the 525d and seeing what's capable with the 535d power/torque wise it could tempt me to stay with RWD and potential running cost savings!

Will all depend on whether I sell mine and if I make any rash decisions as the hankering for an RS6 might need to be acted on!
Hi guys, this is my first post.

I have a c5 RS6 and can i say what a car it is. Ive had it since March its only done 34000 miles 28000 when i bought it. Had it serviced 2 months ago and the DRC has a slight weep on the 2 front shocks so Ive ordered Bilsteins and a Hotchkis anti roll bar, should get them tomorrow.
Back to the point i don't have any warraty but i set money aside in a just in case fund.

From what ive heard the cost are approx:
new tyres every 10000 miles £800
minor service £300
major service £550
cambelt and water pump £1000
DRC replacements £1500
upgrade anti roll bar £450
and last but not least ive averaged 17mpg since ive had it.

These prices are what i have budgeted for.I dont think they are far away.

My opinon is that its worth every penny.
Costs are very difficult for some people to comprehend without having experienced the performance the car brings you.

I'm with you bud, worth every penny...
I've ended up buying one. Had it for a week now and am really pleased with it.

Spoke to the previous owner (I bought it from a dealer) and its sounding more and more like a good one. Full audi history and also had mods done by Unit 20. Has bilstein pss9's, hotchkiss ARB, plus discs, forge DV and recent cambelt change. Its silver,black leather, solar roof, alcantara headlining, heated steering wheel, sun blinds built into the rear doors and boot, fairly new Pzeros, and there is a possibility it has been remapped too but I'll need to get it on a R Road to check that.

Certainly feels quick and handles failry well on good roads. Doesn't like bad roads though, think the camber and big wheels make it tramline a bit but I can cope with that as a previous 3 series was way worse!

23mpg from the last tank which is kind of what I expected as I don't drive it hard 90% of the time and have the odd blast to break up the boredom!

Came with a warranty from the non franchised dealer. Doubt it will cover much but better than nothing.
sounds a nice car mate enjoy !!!

PS. If your mates want one too I've an 04 plate RS6 avant 52k FSH and h&R coilcover conversion, This car is mint and will sell fast
Nice one dude, specced to the hilt just like my beast, i take it you have TV too :p