Buying an RS4


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This is my first post on here, so hello to one and all.
I've currently got a S4 and I'm looking at swapping it for a RS4, with current prices where they are I should be able to get a good example with the money from the S4. What I need to know is are there any mileages or age of RS4 that I should avoid, things like cam-belts and the like. I'm thinking of going Audi approved, and a totally standard car to give me some assurance but anything else that I should be on the lookout for?
If any of you are wondering why I'm going to chop in a 2004 S4 for a 3 year old car, well I made a bit of a mistake as I wanted an Avant and the wife said no, and as with these things she won the argument. Now with enough brownie points registered and a 8 month boy I've got the ammo to go and get what I wanted! I've always thought the RS4 is one of the best looking Audi's of recent times and after a long string of Audis - A3 1.8T to S3 (115) to S3 (225) to TT (225) and then the S4 my dealer owes me a good deal.

So please any advice would be great and if any of you know of a good source of RS4's please let me know,



p.s. Does anyone think that the arrival of the new RS4 may suddenly release more of previous generation car?


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My suggestion is to take a look on All your questions have been answered a few thousand times on there. You can browse the forum as a guest or join and you will be able to make posts.