Buying Advice RS4 Avant


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Ok, so it may have taken me a while to stumble upon the RS4 but I'm hooked, and I haven't even driven one ...yet!
My questions are, what are the options to go for on a second hand one and what are good examples going for? My budget is around £30k.:hubbahubba:
Is this a car that it would be best to buy from Audi used?



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Glad you have finally stumbled across the RS4. We have had ours a year and took it across Europe in the summer and it was fantastic. Not quite sure what you are looking for, but we are currently looking to sell ours. We have done the trip we have always wanted to do and now it stays garaged as we don't want to drive it with our dog in the boot. Not quite sure if you can do PM's on here but if you can then PM me.