Buying Advice on a Used Approved S3


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I think test drives depend on the salesman at the time. I once asked for a test drive of the new F-Type V6 S. Bearing in mind I was 35+ and rocked up in an R8. Said no as the roads were too busy !!! Even though the dealership is just off the A66 near Middlesbrough.

Needless to say I've never been back to a Jaguar dealership. Maybe I was 30 year too young to be considered as a buyer.
Certainly does, BMW wouldn't let me test drive an M2 even though I rocked up in an S3.

Was surprised I was allowed to test drive an S3 to be honest! 19 years old rokcing up in a 1.0 fiesta...I'm sure they get plenty "potential" buyers

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Mates dads a policeman, turned up at ford to test drive the new mustang, in his CLS55 AMG... and was told he couldn’t test drive the mustang...

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Some main dealer cars still have finance showing. I recently rejected a 3 month old car from Lookers Audi. Several things wrong with the car itself and then I found out it hadn't had the 149 point check or hpi check. When I asked them about the v5 and hpi, they said it still was showing finance even though I'd paid cash. They said it's their usual practice not to pay off the finance from the last owner until they get the v5. One of my many arguments with them was that they shouldn't have sold the car without the v5 and without clearing the finance but by then I had rejected and was waiting for them to collect it. I bought it for £32900 and they put it back on sale at just under £36k with lots of resprayed paintwork I assume (I was quoted £1350) just for one side and there were 2 other areas to paint. I never received the v5 and when I checked with the dvla, the dealer hadn't filled it in. The Dvla told me that I must write to them to give them the dates I owned the car for (nearly a month). Lookers told me not to. They definitely weren't what I expected from an audi main dealer.
I dealt with Perth Audi and they were outstanding

My local Audi (different part of the country) became part of Lookers several years ago. I have found their servicing good (but do the ‘Do Not Wash’ thing) but when my GF bought a car from them it took 5.5 months and emails to the DP to get the V5. Comments such as Finance to be paid off, & claims that DVLA lost paperwork etc. I hope this isn’t a trend.