Buying Advice Needed


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I'm going to look at an A4 2.0 TFSI Quattro on an 07 plate tomorrow (32k miles) and would appreciate some advice - bit of a general question really but is there anything I should be looking out for? engine/gearbox etc. The other thing is the dealer is Fontain down in Iver, anybody had any dealings with these guys before?




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Hi, nice car mate. Obviously check the service history. Make sure everything works inside........not that ive heard its an issue, i know this might sound obvious but check the gaps of the car line up and paint matches evenly.....

I havent heard anythiong bad about fontain and mostly good over various forums etc.....

they are slightly pricey IMO and you could pay same price at a dealers.....

but then its hard finding spec etc....

do fontain offer you 1 year warranty?


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they are offering 12 month mechanical breakdown cover