Buying a TT, Black Edition?


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Hi All, I'm planning on purchasing a TT and I've been looking at the different models around and maybe someone could shed some light on this matter, After quite a few hours browsing i found the 2.0T FSI Quattro Black Edition S Tronic and apparently this 208 bhp car is putting a 0-60 mph in less than 5.5 :) which i was hella surprised about considering the TTS's which are Quattro also are 268 bhp and are basically the exact same specs. Also I've only seen one of the black editions for sale that is pre 2011 and this a 2007 one that can be found on atm. does anyone have a Quattro black edition and can confirm these specs are right? Also maybe someone could tell me how many of these pre 2011 black editions were produced as they seem super rare to me?


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Hi Richard
So it sounds like you're looking at a Mk2 TT, which is the previous model.
Is it a Coupe or Roadster?
The link you provided doesn't seem to work for me.
We've had Mk1, 2 & 3 TT's and one of them was a Mk2 2.0 TFSI. All were manual transmission but you can get DSG too.
That engine came with 200bhp then later 211bhp. I also had both of these engines in my A4 and A5 respectively.
Both were over 6 seconds 0-60mph but great engines.


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Thanks for the reply.
I cant seem to get the link to work, If you want to see the car i'm on about just go on auto trader, put in Audi, tt, tfsi, max price £8,000, four wheel drive and it'll be the only car to come up.
Maybe the specs are wrong on here as they do seem a bit much but if you google 2.0T FSI Quattro Black Edition S Tronic you'll see it shows near on the same specs.
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A 2.0T FSI Quattro Black Edition S Tronic TT is a cracking car; don't worry too much about the BHP figures and the torque at lower RPM is so much more flexible/useable; just drive the damn thing harder (and don't look at the stopwatch) whenever possible; a great car, no worries...


And we enjoy both for different reasons...