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Buying 03 allroad w/ suspension issues - riding bottomed out - need advice

98_A6Q Nov 6, 2019

  1. 98_A6Q

    98_A6Q New Member

    Any responses or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated, I'm pressed for time regarding the purchase of this car... I also posted this in another site b/c I am so pressed for time - I appologize if this is frowned upon.

    I'm looking at a 2003 Audi Allroad that has a suspension problem. It seems that it has slowly lost the air (owner said it was gradual) from all 4 bags and it is riding as low as possible. I'm told the compressor sounds like it is working but the bags just don't inflate. He has only gotten offers for scrap/salvage pricing so far, so I'm hoping I'll be able to get a good deal even though it's an hour away (tow on trailer).

    The car has about 160K miles on it. The rest of the car looks to be in very good shape. I'm mechanically inclined and would be willing to rebuild the compressor (at least with the kit and possibly the electronics if needed, I'm good with electronics/circuit boards) and do whatever work needs done on the airbag(s).

    What I'm wondering is if I can bring my own compressor, disconnect the factory air hoses from each bag, inflate the bags & plug the hoses so the air stays in the bags. This would only be so I can drive the car onto a trailer as I fear it will be too low to make the transition from the ramps to the trailer bed. I have a few compressors, one that can do up to 400-500PSI if needed and a bunch that will do 150-200psi (and below of course). Is this a viable option to get the car moved?

    Now my next concern is fixing whatever is wrong with the bags/"springs". I guess there is a chance that there isn't anything wrong with them and maybe the hosing has holes?

    I found replacement springs and they vary greatly in price. IDK if finding used ones from a wrecked allroad might be an option (ideas on the problems with this??) but at $240 for a set, that seems really inexpensive and I really wonder how well they will work. I know Arnott is supposed to make a good replacement spring, but they are almost 4x as much and if I was planning on putting another 100K miles on the car, this might be an option, but I'm looking at this as a project car to work with the 2.7T and other Audi stuff in general (I loved my A6 2.8Q and really miss her - first audi).

    4pcs Front & Rear Left+Right Air Spring Bag For Audi A6 C5 Allroad Quattro Wagon - $240

    2 front air springs - $183

    2 rear air springs - $302

    Single front air suspension bag - $94

    Arnott Rear air spring - single spring - $180
    [​IMG] Amazon

    Arnott front air spring - single spring - $200
    [​IMG] Amazon

    Now if this car turns out to be a nightmare, I'd be happy to part it out and I think I'd learn a good bit from even doing that. I'm also in the market for an A6 avant 3.0T (supercharged) or a BMW 535i/xi (dxrive) wagon, so the allroad would be a project beater to learn with, tune and "play with" (and for trips to mountain areas).

    The owner of the allroad said he had no problems in the 3 years he had it and it was very reliable until he noticed the car gettign lower & he's not mechanically inclined to investigate. The owner before that (original) is his boss and the car was supposedly very well maintained (dealer, but quality can vary) and was his wife's family car, so I'm thinking that this car might have been looked after pretty well over it's lifetime.

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