Bus rams illegally parked Porsche.


Dude, what's mine say ?
Interesting to see if the insurance company pays out seems it was illegally parked!


:no: I don't care how illegally it was parked, if that was my porker, there'd be a bus driver in hospital right about now :angrymod:

Apart from that, he's lucky there wasn't anyone standing in the way of his little bowling game. Looked malicious to me, but you can't tell for sure :huh:


Dude, what's mine say ?
I think he just put to much power on and didn't have enough time to wind all the steering lock back on to get round.

Looks like he was trying to get out and pull back in before the on coming car came to him.

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It may be a CCTV - or it could be those CCTVs that are said to replace traffic wardens.


I think it's a pure case of 'Groundhog day' some guy had enough, saw the bus infront struggle and take action. Pure luck that the guy walking on the path didn't brush his teeth 5 secs earlier! EPIC FAIL


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My old car was hit by a bus in Germany while I was parked in a bus stop. I wasn't even in the car but not only did the police say it was my fault the stadt tried to take me to court for loss of earnings while the bus was sat at the side of the road for an hour.

This one must be malicious though, otherwise why on earth was he on the pavement?


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He even starts filming ***** at 1:08 in the video. :lmfao:

I know is that camera operator ****** or what?

That does loes malicious to me aswell, looks like he didnt like the porka parking near the bus stop so he thought im not going to wait and let this passat through so ill just pretend i accidentally hit the accellearator and show that porka women a lesson.