Bulbs. What you got, what you recommend?


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Nov 24, 2010
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I'm looking to upgrade the bulbs in my headlights.
Wondering what peoples thoughts and views are on their bulb decisions.

Don't matter what the car is more interested in your before and after views.

Let the information and links commence. :)
osram nightbreakers
fitted in all my cars and customers cars
customers all say how much the improvement is
will recommend doing main beam as well if its got seperate bulbs as they make that much difference
My mate just picked up a set for his Octy II. He seems happy with them.
There is another bulb thread where people said they are good.
seen them on amazon for £15 as well.

I got some B5 facelift head lights coming, thinking of upgrading all bulbs.
seen all the adverts each manufacturer claims best this best that etc but is there any tests using a light meter to truly judge the output of each bulb cos I always put 80 or 100w in my dip beam.
lucas 100w h7 just fitted,bright as a button £11 pair,bargain.
been looking at the Osram night breakers 2nd gen.
On amazon for about £13 for a pair.
mate just fitted a pair to his octy II and he wont shut up about them. they so seem very good and a not a bad price if I dont like them.
i'll give them a try and see what they are like.

Goon, 100w? heard it could melt the plastics. They got nice direction and white light or just balls out power and no control?
there is always someone who states the "not legal" crap,as long as they are aligned correctly why wouldnt you want more light?
took them out anyway,bit of smoke there.
got those nightbreakers now,they are good well recommended