Bucket heated seat temperature - VCDS assistance


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Jun 2, 2014
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hello, I'm hoping someone with an RS3 + Buckets + VCDS could do me a favour please?

Basically I fitted the RSQ3 climate controller to my RS3 and although it works great, I am yet to find a temperature that it likes on heated seat setting 3.

It came with it set to 65'C which I then turned to 55'C and now to 50'C but it still reverts to setting 2 which is 43'C. Now I know I could keep trying new settings till I get it right, but I was hoping that someone with a stock setup inc buckets could tell me what their setting 6 is set to in VCDS.

It is a fantastic looking and cheap mod for the interior so if other want to do it in the future I'd like to have the information for them.

Thanks for looking :)

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IMG 1683