Broken Recaro Armrest Fix... COST EFFECTIVE!! S3 8L


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Ok..... So i bought my first s3 last year and the armrest was already jammed in the upright position.
I looked on here for guidance and soon realised it is a common fault and is fixable.
My problem was that there was a missing piece which i think is a button type release mechanism.
I had a look on ebay for parts but i could only find whole units (which cost an arm and a leg.)
This is also known as a bodge job :ohmy: but at least i don't have that part that commonly breaks and it has cost me very little.
(infact, it cost me the price of a tube of araldite :)


I removed the plastic housing by undoing the two screws inside the armrest which are hidden behind the felt. The two metal things you can see at each side of the front are the buttons which when pressed together, release the ratchet mechanism.


Its just a case of connecting the two triggers now. I used a cutlery fork which just happened to be the perfect width. Sorry i diddnt document this but i basically cut the handle off, prepped and painted and stuck it to the buttons using the trusty araldite.


Before i put the housing back on, i had to file away some of the edges around the new piece to give it free movement. now it was just a case of putting it back together.




And thats it. fully functional and a not too obvious bodge.

Thanks for looking. hope this helps somebody. :thumbsup:
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Mine rattles because I think the clip does very little/nothing. Would this be a similar fix?


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you have to upload to Flickr for example and then when you create a post click insert image in the tool bar, insert the image URL


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I think you should have a go at doing it in ASCII art rather than taking boring old photos. Much more skill involved.



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Mine rattles because I think the clip does very little/nothing. Would this be a similar fix?

im not sure mate tbh. this is my first one. maybe yours is on its way out. is yours operational? and where is the rattle coming from?

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Just so u all know u can buy a replacement part for about £15 from tps so my advice would b just buy a new 1!! mine went a few months back and I was expecting the price to be a joke but it was peanuts!!! If u need part numbers etc let me know as I still have the old 1 and the invoice kicking about. Hope that helps


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:scared2: haha i don't think i knew my way around forums bk then like i do now. Oh well, i'll stick with my fork :keule:

i'll just keep telling myself that forks don't rattle and i saved a 10a :thumbsup:


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This is handy to know!!

Mine is jammed ... in fact the previous owner even managed to break the mounting tripod bracket under the armrest !!!

Hope your symptoms is the same as mine... if not I'm on the hunt for a replacement black leather armrest :(


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audi do a repair kit which replaces the whole catch etc, 8l0 898 173 think i paid about £14 from tps


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Cheers Ray :)

Is there a A4O or whatever the car model starting digits would be please?
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mine lives in the up position anyway, I don't drive long distances and therefor use the handbrake, which you pretty much cant use with the armrest down.. so even if it did break and stay up, I wouldn't really care lol


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My armrest is blocked in "up" position, need I 8L0 898 173 6PS to fix it? Thank you.