Broken electric window


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Aug 11, 2009
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Stamford, Linclnshire
The cable on my drivers side window has broke, so the window wont wind up or down.

Does anybody know how easy it is to replace the cable, and whether a cable off an A6 will fit as I know someone who is stripping down an A6

Thanks in advance for your help.
Your better just buying the whole window regulator..done mine a few months ago..If your handy with the tools will take about 2 hours..think there's a how to on this site somewhere.
I've gone through 3 in the last year and a bit (i think the window frame is buckled). If you;re handy enough with tools, then it's a peice of cake, takes me about half an hour now. You just need a few different size torx bits.

You can get 3rd party replacements off ebay for around £20 or a replacement from audi is about £130.

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