broadband? who are you with?


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was with talktalk (8mb), utter ****. kept disconnecting, download speeds would only hit about 2mb sometimes peak at 3mb. i had 3 of there "engineers" out which couldn't find a fault.

finally left them now, after many phone calls.

i'm now with BT (fibre). download speed at a steady 38mb download,9mb upload, not 1 problem with them

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Sky broadband for me, they say up to 25mb which is BS unless your in the city somewhere.
I live in the sticks so get about 3. Sucks ***. Still its enough for Xbox live, thats good enough for me.
Wish we could get Virgin, but they don't know we exist.


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Im on Bt Infinity, been on it for about 12 months now, never had a problem, but theyve throttled the underground sites if ya know what i mean.