BristolBaron's PFL B5 S4 Avant..


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The basics:

Audi S4 Avant - PFL B5
Volcano Black Pearl
Black leather/Blue alcantara

I bought the car [I don't do 'names' or 'he/she' so it will remain called 'the car' throughout the thread :lol:] last August as a replacement for my previous daily - a mk4 golf estate. I'd been running that and had a couple of garage projects and decided a fast daily that covers all basis would make more sense!

The car I found was solid, with only a peppered front end and and some servicing work due so a deposit was placed and it was bought home from Essex on my way back from the Belgian GP!

Within a week the car was in the bodyshop having the front end painted. One returned from there, it was straight into the garage for an oil change and to have Supersport Coilovers & the wheels fitted. They're 19x9 Touareg Atheo with 215/35 tyres. The wheels are ET60, so 20mm adapters were used.


From start to finish the transformation took 3 weeks! The car now sat well and was ready for its first outings - Forge action day at Castle Combe & Players at North Weald.

Fulled up ready for weekend..

Meeting a younger sibling at Castle Combe..

No blue tape! Freshly painted front end on route to Players..

With the car dropped down, I was experiencing some rubbing on the front arches, so they had a gentle roll to accommodate the wheel width. They now still well, with no contact at all.



So after a couple of months of enjoying the car it was time to start sorting the annoying jobs.. FIS repair, done by Jason -, who came well recommended on here.

That saw me through winter, with only enough time outside for maintaining the waxing!




Then a neighbour decided the paint looked too good!


So we were off to the bodyshop again to get the rear bumper sorted. There had been a couple of slightly annoying small marks anyway, so I wasn't too upset about a note being left - I'd have got round to doing it anyway!

Normal service resumed..

I had the bookpack with the car when I bought it, but no actual service receipts to confirm when first cambelt change was done. As the mileage was at 130k, I started worrying the second belt could be due/overdue. After researching best parts to use, I had the cambelt, tensioner and waterpump changed. Many thanks to Trig - :: Viewing profile for the tool loan!


I also had the gearbox & diff oils changed as again I had no record of them being done.

Avenue Drivers Club meet at Queens Square, Bristol

Spring action day at Castle Combe.

Private parking!

The start of the summer..

VW & Audi track day at Castle Combe.

Which takes us up to now!

This weekend I've been sorting more little jobs that need attention:

Scratches on the Instrument cluster polished with 'polywatch' - used to fill scratches on plastic watch glasses.

Drivers seat alcantara defuzzed, using a razor.. massive difference!


Next job - Headlight lenses!

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