Bringing my TQS back to life!


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Hi all!

Some of you may remember me from the 8L section where I had a Badger 5 S3 with 605bhp! Since then I've had a few BMW's and now im back to an Audi!

So why have I bought one?

Well, it was more for a father and son project with my dad. I bought Bill's old 1.8TQS which I planned to get fixed up (it wasnt in the best condition but for the money it was well worth buying) so thanks to bill for selling me the car!

So.. What happened to it? Well because its age the tensioner had crapped itself, so it was rattling like hell. So I decided to park it up and come up with a plan, which originally was to stroke it and gain as much power out of it as possible. this just felt so wrong. It's a rare and classic car which I feel needs restoring and appreciating for now. I may change my mind later and stroke it but for now, I want to restore its glory.

Its not in the best conditon, so the first job is to get the engine running, which I could just easily get a new tensioner and service it, but I want it to last long. So the engine is coming out and I'll send it over to bill for some rods and a general rebuild, a K04-015 and thats pretty much it! Why not bang in something crazy in? Well I just don't think its worth doing to such a rare car. Plus, I want to use this as my daily car so a little bit more power I can be happy with.. 200bhp plus would be nice enough for now.


Badger 5 Edition
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Badger 5 Edition
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Engine is out! Took me some time to get it out, couldn't get my 8mm allen key to bite on the balance rod on the gearbox and after much swearing and a few cries, I managed to get this out with the help from Mr J (dad). Next thing to do is pay Badger 5 a visit soon, bribe him with some samosa's and get this into him when he's not busy. I would rather things done right and well and bill's craftsmanship is worth every penny! Gearbox is being sent to Gas n gears for a refresh!

This isn't a fast build so we're taking our time with this.

S3 Rav

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Looking forward to this one gops! Hopefully wont take you and mr j too long to get on it! :whip:


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Looking forward to this one gops! Hopefully wont take you and mr j too long to get on it! :whip:

Thanks Rav! I’m going to remove the gearbox and send the engine down to Bill next week, the bores really need checking to make sure it’s okay, hoping not to spend big bucks rebuilding the engine, found a K04-015 for £120! Besides that the car actually looks very young underneath. I found a place to refurbish my AC compressor and my steering rack (be silly not to do this whilst the engine is out) and the inside just needs cleaning. Found a double din unit in the US with the Climate unit so I’ll be ordering that to put an apple CarPlay unit in the car.


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Not bad not bad, will be an interesting build. Wish I had the money and time to do this to mine. I agree though, these are modern day classics now, so be a shame to go doing irreversible mods etc.


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I really haven't done much!! I've left it through winter and only just really started again!!

So I've managed to strip most off the engine to get it over to bill in the coming month, gearbox is ready for Gas n Gears, although they are very busy so i'm waiting for a response off them to get my box in.

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The garage is a mess and full of spiders, so we spent more time trying to get that sorted and cleaned up. Alternator and AC pump are going off to a refurb company as well as the PAS rack.

Things to buy:

  • Turbo
  • Manifold
  • Downpipe
  • SMIC
  • Some Coolant pipes
  • Some boost pipes
  • New engine mounts
  • New gearbox mounts
  • Starter motor
  • flywheel
  • clutch
I found some wiring that I'd like to repair and the interior is horrid and full of mould but for now, I'll send the parts away for refurb and hopefully get them back so I can start reassembling again.


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So, I have some good updates on this car!

Engine will be going in with a new turbo and manifold. Spec of this engine was a shocker but glad that Bill and Alex sourced a stonker for me!!

Gearbox is off for a check over.

B5.5 Passat Wipers I have restored and they look sublime!


Headlining is out of the car. I tried to save it but couldn’t do so, so I’ve ordered some new material which I will retrim




Double din Centre console is now in, ready to go!


Refurbed cluster is in which is now calibrated and DIS works!

Headlights have been sent off to trups for Bi-LED conversions!

I found a milltek exhaust for it! Haha yes!!!!

I have a set budget on this car for now, but I’m hoping to get the engine and gearbox inside the car soon. It needs new pads and discs, the rest would be fine for now and can be done at a later stage.



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Nice work, glad to know I’m not the only one throwing money at an old B5.

How hard is the headliner to get out with all the glass in?


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Nice work, glad to know I’m not the only one throwing money at an old B5.

How hard is the headliner to get out with all the glass in?

Thanks bud! Everyone keeps asking me why I throw money at it, but I can’t help it! The headliner isn’t too bad to remove, front seats need to be down or out and the rears can just be pulled down. Then pull it out of the tailgate, try not to crease it too much but It will come out.

I also got rid of that spoiler!



It’s now a 1.9 tdi! Half tempted to keep the badges on! But S3 Rav has given some good advise to remove the badges. Will do it once I get it back from bills.

Gearbox is coming back to me with no issues or work required to it. Parts are impossible to buy so
It’s best just to keep it the way it is.

Headlining and a post trims will be retrimmed in black. I have however forgot about the sun visors.. will have a look at them to see what I can do with them.

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So, some good updates on this car. I managed to source a good engine that’s capable of many horses. For those who remember, it’s probably better spec than my S3’s engine was. However the tiny turbo I’m whacking on makes no odds to it at all. I’ve been thinking for ages to upgrade to a G25 but I cba just yet. Engine is down at B5 to which I need to send the whole car down. I was going to put it all in myself but my parents need this car out of the garden to start some building work at the house so, I have no choice but to bribe bill with food to help!

Before I send the car down I need to get things done on this car, so everything I took out needs to go back in:

Need to fix this wiring on the rear light


Then needed to sort out the window that didn’t go down. Checking the switches, I have 12V switched when using both switches. Took the regulator out and it seems that the motor doesn’t want to turn.


So ordered a new/used regulator and then felt the need to sort out the wiring. Audi have unprotected door harness’ for some reason (usually to bring down cost). It’s not inlined anywhere obvious so I could only use the anti-abrasive tape so far as my fat hand would let me:



Get the junctions sorted first

Full AB tape with anti rattle tape on the door card breakouts.

Now I wasn’t happy with how Audi routed this harness right past the spring under the regulator, it clashes hard against the spring, which is a big no no. There should be a 6mm static clearance from the spring or 19mm dynamic clearance from rotating parts. This instance, both parts do not have a dynamic envelope around it, so I drilled a hole in black metal frame and attached a T-on clip. Then routed it back to the second hole but only half taped the T-on clip to reduce the stress on the harness:


Now that’s better and I can sleep at night! I needed to sort out the seats. Rears and fronts in and cleaned again.



With merky water!


I also sorted and painted the corners (not like Midas but just enough so that the new wheels look

Rear before


Rear during

Rear after

Followed this on for all corners



Also cleaned the gearbox


It’s pretty much ready, just needs the stuff sorted to take up to B5. Hoping to sort it out this week for a Saturday departure over there if Bill has space. We’re getting there slowly!

Happy Sunday all!
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Cars been dropped off to B5! Bill is super busy so it’ll be there a while, but for now it’s time to wait and focus on my house.

I did find a bonnet and two front wings for the car but I’ll get them swapped out when I get it back!



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