Breaking Mid-facelift Black A4 B5 TQS saloon

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Very sad to have to do this but it's time is up...on the bright side I just bought a S4 B5 Avant so I'm not too sad!

Have posted this on the classified for sale forum but just in case someone misses this.

Complete car will be broken for spares.

I'll post a complete list and photos when I get some time of all items but the top line items are:

  • 4 x Freshly re-furbed & powder coated 17' Boleros with Eagle F1 *** 5-6mm tyres. In perfect condition.
  • 312mm front brake upgrade with standard callipers, upgrade carriers and virtually new disks & pads.
  • B12 Bilstein Pro-kit...less than 3 months use! Will sell with front spring top mounts and rear strut mounts...just bolt on to yours!
  • Complete front Meyle control arm kit. Has less than 15k on them.
  • Half black leather interior in very good condition with no tears or stains inc leather door cards.
  • Complete AJL 1.8T engine inc standard turbo, manifold and everything else in there. 127k on the clock with comprehensive history prior to my ownership inc 5k oil changes for last 30k using Quantum 5w40. No rattles, tappet noises or turbo issues. Only VAGCOM issue is the boost valve is knackered.
  • Complete transmission inc gearbox, rear diff & 'blue fin' clutch with less than 7K on it.
  • Facelift front lights
  • Dash board (DIS has a few lines appearing)
  • Single Din inc cassette radio and AC controller
  • All elect windows
  • Elect heated mirrors
  • All the body work is average at best...most panels have dings or scratches (the body work was next on the list) to be honest none of it is in very sellable condition...but if you're desperate.

The car is still complete so everything will have to be dismantled when bits are requested. I've a full time job so I may not be able to get things off immediately...but I'll do what I can, when I can.

Open to offers on all bits and bobs
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