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BRE hex - has it been done?

aulday Jun 8, 2018

  1. aulday

    aulday New Member

    Hi guys, new here

    I bought an A4 Avant B7 with a BRE engine last August. It had 167k on it, drives like new. Still does apart from some suspension knocking and bearing noise I'll see to. Slight whine in 4th from when I got it, and the aircon has gradually stopped being cold so prob a re-gas.

    It was serviced and had new cambelt the day before I bought it. Love the car, excellent. I immediately found out about the Hex round off issue on the BRE, and the re-worked part needed to prevent it from going wrong.

    I have not been able to afford to get this done, car has now done 181k, never missed a beat. Everywhere I read about the potential issue, the hex has gone way before this. Basically could it still be running on the original oil pump hex shaft? Or at this mileage must it have been changed previously?

    It has a full service history, part dealer, part indi, no receipts for any work ever being done other than basic services and MOT's

    Let me know your thoughts, if it needs doing then when I can next afford it I will, expecting circa £450~ for the part and labour.

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  3. RS4B5

    RS4B5 5 pots

    Mines on 230k no sign of it done but it's supposed to be carried on till 2010 what plates yours
  4. aulday

    aulday New Member

    2007 with a BRE PD140 so it's within the range I believe. Well I just this minute got given an almost £500 MOT bill, so that's an oil shaft out of the budget for a good while!

    2 new tyres
    2 new discs
    2 new set of pads
    2 new wipers
    light bulb
    head lamp aim
    £65 labour

    =£460 inc VAT

    Fingers crossed!

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