BRE Engine - any known issues?


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Hi guys, just doing some research on my engine as haven't looked into it to much. Turns out I've got a BRE 140 tdi, after a little look online most things coming back were around the oil pump hex shaft, other than that is there anything else I should be weary of? Also is it a DIY to change the hex shaft?


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My old A4 was BRE engine. Bought with 43k and sold with a shade over 130k. Did nearly 90k miles in it and only ever had an issue with the VNT turbo dying.

I never bothered checking the oil pump drive as never had any issues with oil pressure at all.


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Nope !

Double trouble ticking time bomb because it has both a 77mm oil pump balancer shaft drive and oil pump module is chain driven that has tensioner issues .


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Most commonly go 80-150K .

Trouble is chain driven is best converted to gear but that's more expensive .

The issue has been well documented for 10 years now .

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Commence shuddering sphincter...
Thanks for providing a well-written article Gaz - looks like we all need to be well aware of this one.
All the best - one despondent BRD driver.