Brakes not working properly

Hi guys just had my front tie rod ends and wheel bearings changed, and now my breaks are really *****.
it makes a screeching noise when pull away, pedal is really spungy, and there is loads of vibration in the steering wheel when breaking any idears?
cheers Danny
Hopefully they didn't mess about with the brakes lines when doing the bearing. Might want to check them and bleed the brakes.


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Take it back! I'm guessing they had to take your brake disks and calipers off to change the front wheel bearing, maybe they didn't put the disk back on in the original bolt position? Either way, you should take it back for them to rectify it, unless you don't want to use them again?
cheers for the info guys, i took it back to the garage and they re-bled the brakes but still the same, then saw that the plate/bracket that holds the abs sensor was on its last legs, is this a mechanical part that could be making the screeching noise or is it just a sensor to flash up a light on the dash? and also the spongy pedal they think could be a leek in the vacuum pump.

martin g

Interesting as I just had a rear bearing done and noticed the brake pedal travel is now longer, Audi did the work themselves. To change the bearing they dont need to touch the brakes other than remove the caliper and tie it up out of the way and take the disc off. Could assume the bleed nipple was undone to relieve a little pressure to push the pots back but again, shouldn't affect much if tightened again. Is the screeching noise more of a grinding? is it the abs cutting in, in error? I say this as after i replaced the front discs recently despite everything going back together properly the abs kicked in upon pulling away a couple times after then the problem went away which makes me thing it was abs sensor related.

Audi are doing a special of £49 for a brake fluid change and check, not a lot of dough for a check, clean and peace of mind mate but really the garage concerned should sort it.