Brake warning lamp

I have a yellow brake warning lamp displayed on the DIS, as if the pads are worn out. The car is a 2000 MY S3 and doesn't appear to have brake wear sensors. There is no indication of a yellow brake warning symbol in the handbook, only a red one (priority 1) for low fluid level and a fault in the ABS system.

As the car is a 2000 MY vehicle which is when the DIS was updated I wonder if there is an explanation in a later manual.
The manual is wrong - you do have front brake pad wear sensors - and you are correct that the yellow warning is that the brake pads could be on their way out.

However it is not unusual for the wiring to fail, so best whip the front wheels off and do a visual inspection as you could have plenty of meat left on the pads.


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Some aftermarket pads dont have the built in warning, so you have to bridge the connector to keep everything happy...
Well I have owned the car from new, it has never had new pads and I have had the wheels off a few times over the years and have never spotted the wires for the sensors, perhaps I need to pop the pads out.


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The connector may have fallen out as in my case. Remove the passenger side front wheel (only one side has it) and look for a empty connector slot.
Wow, 12 years on original front pads!
Well as talentwalsh correctly advised above there is only one wear sensor and it is on the passenger side, which explains why I couldn't see it when looking at the drivers side. Doh!


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Blimey, are you not afraid of the friction material parting company with the backing plate on a set of twelve year old brake pads?
No not at all, the pads are made to last a set mileage be that in 1 year or 12 years. They have lasted and are now worn out so when I sort out what is a good replacement for the road I will be fitting new pads and discs.