Brake problems, Help needed please. :(


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Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to change my front discs, but having an issue,

I am trying to remove the calliper mounting bracket bolts so I can remove the calliper, but they are very stubborn,

I have tried knocking them first and i don't have an impact wrench. :(.

Also I am working from the ground so I'm finding it very difficult to get a long arm in!:(.

am I missing something, are they left hand thread?

Is there anything I can do?

All help will be VERY much appreciated.


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I've used a breaker bar too, try and turn the steering so the caliper is easier to get too if you havent already, they can be dam tight but should come undone....


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Plenty of heat and plus gas.


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plenty of WD40 too, try to tighten them and then un-tighten,


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Got it sorted and done, thanks for all the help. They where so tight! I eventually had to 'shock' them out with a big hammer. :)


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when i did mine jack car up take off wheel then turn to left .. make sure you got a 6 sided socket so it wont slip off when you turn turn it .. put socket on and i got a bit of pipe that fits over the socket spanner and you should get em undone