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I am in need of some new front brake pads for my S3 2002 may as well upgrade while I do it anybody got any ideas ?!

thanks in advance



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Cheers bud, a little confusing but hey ho.... Think ill just get some decent pads.

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I had EBC turbo groove discs & red stuff pads on and the front discs were absolutely shagged after 35k miles. I don't drive like a maniac, so I'll not be going that route again. Justn replaced the, with OEM discs & Pads & the performance is much better. So I'd just go OEM personally.


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EBC are total rubbish, EBC themselves actually put out a warning saying the bonding wasn't strong enough for the weight of our cars and I have personally known of two cars having the pads come clean away from their EBC backings.

The compound itself isn't bad at all, but the production process it fairly ****.