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Brake Pad Warning Light HELP!!

Dyson0151 Nov 5, 2018

  1. Dyson0151

    Dyson0151 New Member


    I have a 2009 A4 sline saloon B8 and can not remove the break warning light from the dash.

    I have tried to bridge the wires from the sensor on the hub but believe i have a break further up the loom.

    Does anybody have a wiring diagram or info on where i can trace the pad sensor wire into the vehicle and add an earth strap to ground it and knock the light out.

    I have seen this done on the older B7 models but my loom is different and without wiring diagrams i can not trace the correct wire.

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  3. Darren92

    Darren92 Well-Known Member

    If you have VCDS you can disable it in the BCM.
  4. tech838

    tech838 Member

    You say you've tried to bridge the wires on the hub?

    The brake pad warning light on the B8 works by passing a current through the wire. When the wire is worn through by the disc then it activated.

    Bridging the two brake pad sense wires together (not to the hub) should knock the warning light out.
  5. Dyson0151

    Dyson0151 New Member

    I have tried the sensor wire trick and have no luck. I belive there is a break further up the loom.

    Also i have tried to disable the light in VCDS with no hope.

    If someone has access to wiring diagrams and can locate the pad warning signal wire coming into the vehicle i will earth it and bypass the break.

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