Brake Lights wont turn on when pedal is pressed....


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Aug 24, 2011
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SE London
hey guys, another quick one.

my brake lights don't turn on when I press the pedal, and i have a suspicion its the switch behind the pedal (i think)... is there a guide to replacing this?
more than likely the switch yes, had it go on mine a few months back. I dont think there is much involved its just tricky to get to as its tucked up above the pedals.
Thanks for the heads up, shall try tackle it tomorrow... i hope
its easy i done mine in 10 mins outside eurocarparts because my first one failed within a year and was exchanged under warranty google brake light switch there's a how to for the seat leon but it's exactly the same
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thanks mate for the Cupra point out. i was just gonna fight it out lol without a guide.
not yet, spent the day at mum's and that alone was time consuming
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Is it not like the golfs? Just a wee half turn and then it's loose?
yep, exactly like the golf, and its all sorted now. :) thanks