Brake light fuse ?


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I've a 2005 5-door (2.0 tdi) that has had a couple of flat batteries overnight in the past month. Waking up this morning, I saw the brake lights on and, fiddling with the switch on the pedal made them go off so I assume it's a faulty switch. In advance of replacing it I wanted to pull the relevant fuse overnight to avoid another flat battery. The owner's manual is not clear which the relevant one is and seems to show 2 possibilities -
  • 13 (dash panel) - "diagnostic connector, brake light switch"
  • F7 (engine compartment) - "clutch pedal switch, brake light switch"
I've pulled 13 and the brake lights no longer come on. My question is this enough or should I pull F7 as well/instead?
Any advice gratefully received!