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Last week I had to carry out and emergency stop in my Y reg A4 2.0. Someone pulled out in front of me and had to give it everything... Yes stopped fine and very straight. But... the brake pedal stayed down with all four wheels locked tight. So there was me straddled across a busy T junction trying to rock the car free. No chance. Call to the AA. They could not even tow the car off the road. Had to be dragged (literally) of the road by a winch onto the back of a low loader. Eventually they released the system by releasing one of the brake pipes. Car has been at Audi Crawley for 8 days (they ordered a clutch master cylinder instead of a brake!!) Master cylinder failure. I can only thank god that it did not happen on the fast lane of the motorway - imagine being stuck there with no chance of moving...

I must have the unluckiest A4 on the road. Its done 60k and so far:

Locks failed on one side
Aircon packed up
Heated rear window failed
Front Passenger window motor failed
Central locking failed - could only open front door with key
Multitronic gear box replaced (nearly £6k)
Alarm failed
Handbrake locked on
At least 4 times back to Audi to sort various warning lights continuously on

I have to say I love the car but its been the most unreliable car I have ever had. When you rely on your car to do your job its a total and utter pain - thank god its a company car and they pick up the tab...

Never again Audi - sorry


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Sounds like you have had a nightmare!

I don't blame you for not wanting another Audi after that!

I love the marque but it could do with improving reliability for sure.


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Update. After 8 days Audi rang me to say they had changed the master cylinder and took the car out for a road test when the pedal locked down again after heavy braking. Had to have car recovered. Rather have it happen to them than me again...

Clues anyone?


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Yep... so they reckon

I shall miss their brand new A3 1.9 tdi

Aww well


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They've had the car 12 days now... Main dealer... Biggest in South East... etc etc.