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Brake disk questions.

Fatbloke Jan 6, 2020

  1. Fatbloke

    Fatbloke Registered User

    Hi All

    I need to change the rear pads on my 2016 A3 8v 150tdi quattro.

    The disks are in reasonable shape but I considered replacing them too while everything was in bits.

    Fronts are 288mm and rears are 272mm.

    I noticed there are drilled Brembo disks available that would fit. I am considering changing them all to these from the solid disks currently fitted.

    Are the drilled disks noisier in use than standard solid disks?

    Is braking any better with drilled disks?

    It seems to be the same pads for 288mm or 312mm front disks. Is this correct and is there an advantage (heat dissipation etc) in putting the larger disks on?

    Is it easy enough to put larger disks on or do the caliper carriers etc need changed?
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  3. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    I would avoid drilled discs on a road car.
    I’ve had bad experiences with them cracking around and between the holes.
    drilling a disc will weaken it unlike the Porsche and some merc discs which are cast or forged with holes most aftermarket stuff is just drilling after the cast.
    A decent solid disc is best for a road car maybe some grooves is more than enough.
    Putting bigger discs you will need new carriers or brackets to relocate the calipers.
    unless you track your car bigger discs and/or drilled/grooves discs will have little benefit. It could have a negative effect as well as most pads have a temperature range that’s the most effective and if the pads isn’t getting hot enough it won’t be as effective.
    I’ve said this in other threads but my go to for oe quality is TRW. they normally come with all the fittings and sensors and the discs have a decent coating on the hub that lasts longer than the Audi ones.
  4. Fatbloke

    Fatbloke Registered User

    Got a full set of Pagid disks and pads ordered. Got them on the Skoda and they have been pretty good.
  5. Retroman

    Retroman Audi A3 2010 Sportback 2.0 TDI 170 (CBBB engine)

    I've fitted Pagid on my car and several other family cars - never had a problem and the anti-rust zinc coating lasts at least as long as OE.
  6. Fatbloke

    Fatbloke Registered User

    Just thought of another question.

    On the 8v, do you need to remove the caliper carrier to remove the disks?
  7. bokoboy

    bokoboy Registered User

    If you mean the callipers carrier then no :icon thumright: Not on my 2017 s3 any road and it’s a good job cos the carrier bolts weren’t for moving :sweat: just loosen disc retaining screw tap disc loose and it will slide out at an angle
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