Facelift Brake discs


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Good price but when mine need changing I want to stick to the wavy discs.
Just like the look of them

Hal Adams

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Indeed they do, and on this forum also. And there are lots to chose from, but the discs that are used all have the same offset as the wave discs.

What I am saying above is, that IF the discs - and this applies to any car - require removal of the shields for them to fit, they will not suit the brake calipers unless they too are spaced out.

I do not know if the pfl differs from the fl, but it is quite possible as Audi have a lot of hubs to pick from, but if they have cosen to change the hub, then the disc offset will be changed and not interchangeable. An example of this is the pfl rear hubs that will take the RS7 disc, but not the RS6 for the generic rear disc upgrade.


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Yh true but my mates had them done the wheel hub same as mine and caliper is the same you can fit FL discs on pre FL. :)

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