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Hi All. Just joined recently. Looks like a great place for info. My 20 Rs4 went into my local dealership today as the brakes are squealing badly when braking from about 25 mph to stopping. Dealer rang to say they are replacing the discs , as well as pads. Bearing in mind my rs4 has only done 2.600 miles from new??. I find it hard to believe the pads need changing, never mind the discs?? And apparently when the new pads/ discs are fitted l.ll aways have a squeal, as that's what a RS does. never heard such a ridiculous statement in all my life. Has anyone had similar experiences. Cheers Dean


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I had an S3 with a similar issue. Dealer changed the front discs and pads and I still had the squeal. It did go away after a few weeks.


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If the interface between caliper piston/s and brake pad/s is dry then that invariably results in low speed brake squeal. It ain't the brake disc! Remove pads, apply a coat of Ceratec to the back of the pad and refit. This SAME issue has been going on an on and on and on and on and on! But Audi UK/GmbH don't listen/hear/understand/CARE!

For example, here are my RS3 pads and you can clearly see - at 1250 miles from new - that the pistons had worn through the anti-squeal material and metal-to-metal contact made resulting in that low-speed braking 'SQUEAL' noise.


Resolution was a coat of Ceratec, job done...

And just to dash any hope you have that your Audi dealer will do anything, go here:

And/or here:
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Dean Robinson

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All discs and pads replaced Monday. No squeals up to now. Paperwork sent to me from dealer. Something about Brake disc run out???.