Brake discs and pads replacement


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I'm looking to replace all four discs and pads soon. I have a 1.9Tdi Quattro 52 reg. Would they be tricky to do? Is there a guide knocking about? Or any tips would be great.



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quite easy
make sure you get the proper tool to turn the back calipers back
I am going to be doing this on our S3 when the weather warms up, so probably June/July. I just wondered what people were fitting, not after anything fancy, Pagid, Textar or main dealer?


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I went for EBC ultimax on the front with DS2500 pads just for a bit of extra stop, they seem pretty good and a damn site better than what was on it before and just a set of mintex pads and discs on the back. Still need to do my brake lines and fluid though!


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Remebered that I got given a set of rear pads with the car. They come with 2 bolts. Is this everything thats needed for the rear pads? And also are the discs 239mm or 232mm?