BRAKE DISC advise needed...


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Sep 19, 2008
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Birmingham, UK
Hey guys,

Got a problem with my front drivers side break disc, it's loose.
there is a bit of play when i put the bolts in to hold the wheel in place, so everytime i go over some uneven surface it rattles. but when applying the break there is no noise.
are there any spacers/washers I need to use to hold the disc in place?

the disk is clamped to the hub by the wheel. IE when you tighten up the wheel bolts, it tightens the wheel down against the disk. So unless your wheels also hanging off, the disk cant be loose.

Its possible for the pads in the caliper to rattle however. Fixing rattly pads depends on why they're rattling though!
That means your wheel must be loose too as it the wheel bolts that apply the clamping force to hold the discs, are you sure its not the caliper that loose? Audi front discs are floating ones. May be your wheel bolts are for wheels with spacers and they have now been removed but it would be happening on both sides.
as said if the disk is loose then so are the wheels

i had a loose rattling noise from my front brakes, and it was pads, take of the caliper and remove the pad mounted to the piston side and bend the retaining springs out slowly so they will be sat tighter in the piston.

did mine and no more noise
cheers guys.
I can't tighten the bolts any further. and the wheels are defo not lose. this noise has been happening for some months now but due to the warmer weather i'm having to drive with the windows open so i can actually hear the rattle which is becoming somewhat annoying. it's defo the disc.
if i tried longer bolts would that help?
it's only from the drivers side i'm getting this rattle. is there anything i could pack it with to help keep it in place?
You've just completely ignored everything said in this thread...

If the wheel is tight, then the disk CANNOT be loose. The disk is sandwiched between the wheel and the hub, and they're bolted together.

If the disk can move, then it follows that the wheel must also be able to move.

Fitting longer bolts will only mean they catch on things inside the hub.
dude there is still play with the disc when the wheel is on tight. i can move the disc slightly by hand.
Then the wheel isnt on properly.

The wheel bolts to the hub, and sandwiched between the two, is the disk. Its simply not possible for the disk to move, if the wheel is fitted correctly and properly tightened.
Izzy, don't fret, it is possible that your disc is loose when the wheels are tight despite the doubters ;-)
But it is neither common nor likely.

the only thing I ca nthink of to cause it is that the wheels centre bore is too small or damaged and is not allowing the wheel to seat properly against the brake disc and allowing the wheel to be tightened against the hub centre but not holding the disc.
Or the hub centre is damaged.

This is a tad dangerous though (slight under-statement there folks) !

If all is well, then there is no way the disc could be loose and the wheel tight.

Edit to say...
nitro, the discs ae not floating. If they were it could explain his problem. The calipers are sliding(or floating)
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Jonion, When I said "floating" I ment they are not fixed, they don't have a locating screw to hold them firm in place to the hub. Like many other manufactures. With the wheels off the disc can be turned by hand.
Well in that case ignore my post.
I thought you meant the proper floating discs that are actually slightly lose on the mounts as they are designed to move rather than the caliper sliding & are used with opposing pistons not sliding calipers.

And I'll read the posters name before replying next time in case anyone saw that last one lol
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that is not what "floating disc" refers to.

OP, what wheels do you have on your car? OEM? aftermarket? what wheel bolts are you using?

doesn't sound like your wheels are on properly, I would address that issue first before I looked at brakes
so do I on the front passenger one but not on the drivers side.
if i were you mate i would strip the calipers and disc from the hub and see if there is any crap behind the disc stoping it from mounting on the hub also do your wheels fit on the hub center correctly ie is the hole in the wheel the correct size for the flange on the hub,somethings not correct its hard to say whats wrong without seeing it
Think i'll have to strip it down at some point next week and have a look if i can.
Just don't understand what's going on. i'll have another crack at it and update. got a wedding this week so not allowed to get my hands dirty. lol
I assume you're not driving it while it's in this condition...........
it's been like this for around 8months now. car still drives fine. no problems with the handling at all.

just an annoying rattle. goes away when i put the windows up :eek:)
ha ha, I have been driving a car with a rear wheel that must be at 1-2deg toe out while the other was the same toe in.
drove fine round town when turning corners all the time, bit fruity on the motorway!!
It passed it's mot with flying colours so it can't be that messed up.
Hi did you get you loose brake disc problem sorted, i found your thread , and have exactly the same problem as you on my 2.5tdi a4, I have been getting the same responses from people saying that the disc should not be loose if the wheel nuts are tight ! but the are, did you mange to sort out the problem.
only thing i can think of is you've got some hubcentric spacers where the spigot isnt deep enough, and the wheel isnt properly clamping up against the disk?
the problem was the clips on the break pad had snapped causing the pad to bounce around in the caliper. once i swap the pads for new ones the noise had gone.

check all your pads and make sure none are lose in the caliper.
hope this helps.