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Sportback Brake Change Advice

Jimmgc51 Sep 15, 2018

  1. Jimmgc51

    Jimmgc51 New Member

    So the brake light has come on and Audi have quoted.... I'll let anyone reading this sit down for a moment...

    £1,199 and of course that's including new discs for they ALWAYS need replacing.

    Anyway I disagree the disc has a 1mm lip and they feel and look fine so they are staying put and after reading this forum I've landed on the EBC Red Stuff pads to get rid of the squeal (these now come with the Brake pad sensors to both front & backs).

    The bit I am a little confused about is what grease/lube to use and where?

    Currently Iv'e gone out and bought some Pagid Ceratac and I was going to use this on the back of the pads, a little smear. On the brackets top and bottom where they sit in the calliper And on the slding pins that hold it all together.

    Is that right or do I need different stuff? EBC put some in with the pads so is that better for the internet gave mixed reviews.
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  3. Toshers

    Toshers Member Team Nardo TFSI Owners Group Audi RS3

    There are brake specialists out there that can skim discs properly, if the 1mm lip is something that worries you. Although imo that amount of wear is irrelevant.

    Can't find the post but someone on here used a certain paste to sort his squeal...a search should find the topic.
  4. Jimmgc51

    Jimmgc51 New Member

    Not concerned about the 1mm lip, think this is fine. All discs will lip anyway through wear.

    I did find a chap on here that stated using Wurth Anti Squeal spray in a post with pics, so that might be the one you are referring to. Problem is I can't buy locally and need to order and wanted to get it done this week end so went with the Pagid stuff.
  5. Marshy

    Marshy Settled in Team Sepang Audi RS3

    When I fitted red stuff to my 8P RS3 I used ceratec and never had any squeal.

    I’ve since fitted yellow stuff to the rear of my 8V RS3 and Ferodo front pads both with ceratec and all has been great with no squeal.
  6. Hal Adams

    Hal Adams Active Member Team Nardo VCDS Map User Audi RS3 Black Edition

    1mm lip is not a problem. Surprised your dealer is being so anal, unless of course they see you as a good cashcow...

    Ceratec is fine and better than copper grease. Smear Ceratec on all metal surfaces that are in contact with the caliper - not forgetting the edges. And of course make sure it stays off the pad material.

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