Brake Caliper / Custom Heat Protective Paint.


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Hey all, just thought i'd put up a new thread as i've been doing a lot of research lately on custom coloured paint for calipers etc. a bit like my personality i like to be a bit different and push boundaries!

My search started as i have decided to keep my 2001 (Y reg) S3 and wanted to do a few subtle mods to make it unique, i saw a thread about caliper paint colours and thought it would be a good start and not too expensive and will save me having to fork out money i dont have for brembo's :p

so i decided to google and see what i could find and the first on the list was >>> <<< which do have some really good caliper paint colours but this didnt satisfy my need to be completely different.

I have been ringing around various places that say they provide heat protective coatings etc but im still finding the same old black, silver, red, blue, yellow colour schemes and even with ceramic paints only giving very little colour range. So i've taken it on myself to try a technique that a friend and i thought might work and thought its would be worth keeping people posted as it could give very positive results.

Step 1: Clean brake calipers as best as possible using, various degreasing agents and wheel cleaners using a small wire brush and toothbrush.

Step 2: Coat the caliper in clear VHT (very high temp) laquer with 3 or 4 layers, waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next.

Step 3: Rub down the laquer slightly so that is rough enough for standard paint to stick and again apply a few thin layers to build it up.

Step 4: Apply a final coat of VHT Laquer to finish.

Step 5: wait and see if the technique withstands the heat produced by braking (and watch my lil brain storm fail misserably probs :p)

My google skills brought me across this useful write up about how to paint your calipers so i thought i'd keep it for reference and anyone reading this could use it :)

If anyone has any oppinions with my little plan i'd be open to critisism and suggestion and i'll definatly keep everyone posted on the results!

p.s. im going for Illuminous Yellow :)


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how about if you used a metal primer first, then a few light coats of normal car paint (whichever your gonna use) then a few coats of high temp laquer?
atleast then the metal is primed ready for paint and the paint will be protected from the heat?
personally i used basic hammerite smooth from a tin 2 coats and it looks great!
dark navy blue near on the same colour as my car, why don't you check out the hammerite colours range first?
it's also much easier as you can just clean up the calipers and paint :) no masking or mess


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As posted above. Just use some hammerite instead of all that ******* about.


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na i've been through all that stage, all the hammerite colours are like basic and im trying to go for a brawn gp colour luminous yellow but they just dont make the colour to do it so i've gotta faff about to make it custom.