Brake Bleeding


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Still having issues with my brake pedal however iv'e had a lot more luck today by changing my method .... recently i changed the master cylinder and used an ezibleed preasure kit to bleed the brakes but it was still a really spongy pedal today i made a DIY vacume bleeder like this one

also i've used VAG-Com to cycle the ABS pump a few times which seems to have helped.... if you break the hydraulic lines on these cars anywhere from the master cylinder to the ABS pump they can become a right pain in the **** to get right..... slowly it seems to be getting better, i can bleed it and go for a run, then come back and still manage to get a little more air out of the master cylinder after which the pedal gets even better.... it's not leaks , just seems that trapped air is a pain to remove from our cars :banghead:
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Yes a lot of people have trouble with these brakes, so your not on your own....try waiting a week or so and do it again?


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yeah i'm thinking of doing that... main problem is the car is SORN at the mo so i've not been able to drive it... however i now think the brakes are upto passing an MOT so gonna get that done on tues and get it back on the road.... it dosn't help that it's not been driven since the start of Dec last year and i stripped all the rear calipers down to unseize them so they need bedding in again..... it does seem as though any trapped air manages,eventually , to find it's way to the highest point eventually though (the master cylinder ) and i'm willing to bet in a couple of weeks that i can get a bit more air out just by bleeding the MC