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brake and clutch problems

jezzy May 5, 2013

  1. jezzy

    jezzy Registered User


    Ive had my engine out over the last few days to fix my cracked manni and replace the clutch and flywheel.
    poly bushed the front end while i was at it and fitted some gt brembos.
    After bleeding the system, or so i thought, the pressure bleeder hose inside the bottle had come away.
    Loads of air coming through on passenger corner (last one to bleed).
    So i re bled the system, the mc and clutch.
    Now the pedal travel is all the way to the floor and the clutch will not engage any gears while the car is running.
    There are no leaks anywhere that i can see.
    Any ideas of whats gone wrong?
    Any info much appreciated
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  3. Lewis583

    Lewis583 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Did you bleed the clutch slave cylinder?

    I would bet that you need to do a full bleed of the brake system, Master cylinder/cycle the ABS pump with VCDS/at all calipers.
  4. jezzy

    jezzy Registered User

    Thank you much appriecated

    No i didnt do the slave cylinder, so much going on that i forgot. I did the whole job on my drive without splitting the box and 4wd on my own, never again its weighs a ton
    I take it you mean cycle the abs pump through vcds at every corner when bleeding?
  5. jezzy

    jezzy Registered User


    Thanks to lewis above for info about bleeding abs unit it worked.
    But still couldnt get the clutch to engage(even though the clutch pedal worked, not on the floor)
    So went out with the intention of bleeding the slave cylinder.
    Hooked up the ezibleed kit and then fluid just made a river under the drivers door.
    Traced it back from the chasiss leg up to to the black housing where the master cylinder sits.
    I could see where the master cylinder sits on the black cylinder air and fluid escaping from the seal.
    I take it the master cylinder seals have gone?
    Best place to source one from?
    Any info much appreciated

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