BP Ultimate Diesel


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Has anyone done any testing as to the claimed benefits of BP Ultimate Diesel? Does it really give improved performance, cleaner engines an increased mpg?

I know it is 1-2p more than standard DERV but if it's worth it then i could be tempted to stick it in my A4 Avant. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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I owned an A4 130 tdi for 3 years.
I've owned my A3 2.0 tdi for 6 months.
I tried ultimate and normal diesel in both cars.
Not deliberately,merely down to whichever pump is free at the station.
No difference at all.
Given that our cars will run on cooking oil,I can't see how 'fancy' fuel will make a difference.


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I've tried it on my A4 Tdi and no difference. Pretty waste of money I'd say now that its 96.9p per litre for normal diesel


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Me too. Only difference (they claim) is if doing short journeys it will 'help' keep the engine cleaner. I believe they just contain more detergents that normal. Read somewhere that every 5-6th fillup use ultimate. Probably makes not damn difference at all. Certainly I found my car equally as powerful on standard fuel.