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Bought Wheel Centre Caps Off Ebay - They Protrude?

buel Sep 9, 2014

  1. buel

    buel Registered User

    Hi, as the title says, I paid £18 on ebay for 8 wheel centre caps to replace my scuffed, old ones. However, these ones protrude from the hole, as opposed to the originals that sit flush. Please can I ask is buying originals my only hope and if so - how much will I have to pay?

    Thank you in advance.
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  3. Tooks

    Tooks Registered User

    Have a good look at the back of the trims, is there anything you can trim down to make them sit flush?

    I once had a similar problem, albeit with genuine trims on replica alloys, but a bit of trimming of the plastic on the back sorted it.

    Perhaps compare the back of the new trims with your old ones and see what's different?
  4. Gmac

    Gmac Registered User

    I've had this problem with my rs4 reps...haven't managed to get centre caps that sit flush. I've looked at in a fair bit of detail to why this is and it's the measurement of tab holding the centre metal ring that's the issue, this and the fact that the reps are very slightly different to originals.

    The tab part is a set length, and it holds the centre ring, so it can't be trimmed down. This is different to the wheel length from the face of where the cap would sit flush and the inner bit where the wheel cap tab would clip round. And because the tab is longer then, yes it clips in fine but end up sitting 'out' a fraction.

    I tried an aftermarket set of centres which have a shorter tab, but they then weren't 'concave' enough to reach in and clip in to the inner lip.

    All a bit frustrating and I now have three sets of caps and none actually fit perfectly.

    What wheels are you trying to fit them to? Mine are 9 spoke rs4 reps
  5. Tooks

    Tooks Registered User

    That's exactly the scenario I had, and modified the genuine centre caps to fit my RS4 reps by trimming the OEM caps, albeit not the tabs that hold the metal ring.

    There are so many RS4 reps out there though, and all slightly different castings I expect so it can be a problem.

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