bought myself another 80 coupe 2.6 V6


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hi , heres the 80 auto ive just bought , im in need of some advice please with a few bits , im in need of a sunroof seal as i think the water has got in and rusted the inner metal panel under the front of the sunroof , i pulled the carpet roof panel back and got some rust bits that had dropped down.
ive got a bad oil leak that i think is coming from both rocker covers and i think the water pump is leaking so big job to replace that
can anybody advise on changing the auto box transmission fluid with what oil to use and how much and a how to please
the car drives great but has these faults that i need sorting first before i tackle the paintwork , i need a drivers side wing and the carpet is ripped inside for some reason if anyone has any bits please message me , its in need of a damm good cutting polish aswell which i tend to do and also remove all of the non genuine parts and return back to standard (the headlight and grill need to go for sure) , i sure do love these cars and after my last 89 coupe ive always wanted another

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