bottle in display


2nd gear sorts em out
can anybody tell me what the symbol is that keeps pinging on the dash in the square in the middle it looks like a bottle its not the one for the screen wash its dosent come on all the time just now and then and its driving me crazy !


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2nd gear sorts em out
IMG_0597.jpg right heres a picture of the symbol anybody know what it means !


2nd gear sorts em out
had all the bulbs out and cleaned the connectors fluid level is ok discs n pads where all new on the front last year


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brake light failure, try replacing the bulbs, just being daft here but you checked the brake lights are working?



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Surely it has to do with the braking .. As all circles with brackets on the outside are brake related (orange or red)
This is a right mystery!


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Brake light bulbs might be on their way out/ corroded/ loose. Also could be related to a faulty brake light switch so worth doing a VCDS scan.


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Shooting in the dark here (as usual) but when pressing the check button in the dashboard (the button next to the odometer/trip reset button) doesn't it introduce this symbol? I see your screen has a bunch of pixels missing so it might be unreadable, but maybe you could make something out.

Usually when pressing the check button, it introduces a bunch of symbols and says what they're about, but I cannot remember whether it introduced all of them or just the more critical ones. Worth a shot I guess.


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This is the Brake Light Failure symbol......IIRC the rear bulbs have two filaments inside each bulb (side lights and brake lights).

Brake Light Failure.jpg