Both Key Fobs Lock Car But Not Unlock


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Jan 24, 2019
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This morning I tried to unlock my car door, but the key fob didn't work. However the fob allows me to still lock the car, and unlock the boot.

After looking on here, I thought it might be something to do with the battery or wiring inside the key fob.

I grabbed the spare key, and it does the exact same thing. Will lock the car, unlock the boot, but not unlock the front passenger doors on my Audi a3 8P.

Reading the manual I tried re-synchronising the remote control (Press unlock on the remote control, Use the key to manually unlock the drivers door within 30 seconds, press the unlock or lock button), But this didn't work.

I was in the car yesterday and had no issues what so ever, so I'm stumped as to why it's stopped working for both keys especially.

I did notice that on both keys, the red LED light doesn't light up, even when locking the car, and unlocking the boot.

Checking the fuse diagram in the manual - Slot 12 is a 10amp fuse for "Central locking system (front doors)".

However would this be the issue if the keys are locking the doors OK? I'm not sure.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

There has been a few posts on here lately about similar problems and a lot have talked about the lock inside the door itself maybe needing replaced , to get to it you will need to remove parts from your door ( card and bolts ) , check through the posts on here and you will come across .
Have a look through this post ( )
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Oddly, I have one key that does exactly this behaviour but the other one works perfectly so I'd bet on the key. Take one apart and clean all of the contacts with contact cleaner or alcohol and a cotton bud and you can also then see if the switch actually clicks on the circuit board once the rubber button is not there. If it's gone soft and the locking one is still "clicky" then the switch could be faulty which would be a soldering iron job. If you couldn't find a replacement switch you could swap the one from the boot position as you can open it by clicking unlock twice. Or make one good key out of 2. Neither work so not much to lose.
Cheers guys.

Worked a treat.

I must of dropped the key at some point so the battery must have shifted slightly. Removed, cleaned, put back in and both keys now working, and LED light showing on both keys.

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Your battery needs replacing, reseating unlocks the doors again for about a week.