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Bose symphony stereo questions

ereeiz Mar 9, 2018

  1. ereeiz

    ereeiz Registered User

    Hello all, apologies if I'm in the wrong area......

    I've recently got a 52 plate (2002?) Audi A4 avant 130 diesel manual.

    It has the bose symphony stereo in it and the best sounding speakers I've ever had (it's all standard).

    Unfortunately, the speakers on the front right cut out intermittently over bumps/ left turns and come back on if I drive over cats eyes/ give the car a quick jerk to the right.

    Is the speaker cutting out issue the amp, or is it the head unit? ~I've had the head unit out to try and fit a mk6 Golf one (gave up once I saw the weird audio plug on the bose system)

    The speakers have now began sounding distorted too, I'm unsure if I'm killing them by having the bass flat out and the volume generally about 20 (max is 30) or if it's just the amp or head unit dying off.

    Ideally I would like to have a DAB tuner function or a line in so I can plug my phone in and stream DAB radio via the input. It doesn't have either of them.

    What are my options? Any advice? Things to look at? Common faults?

    I'd rather just bung another stereo in with DAB and fit the aerial (it looks like it has a digital aerial connection but may be something else?).

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. GrahamS4

    GrahamS4 Guest

    I'm certainly not an expert on stereos so I can't advise you re the distortion on the speakers, could be either the HU or your penchant for bass has killed the cones in the speakers. Several people have fitted this unit and myself and a few others have just ordered the same although there are other brands of the same thing from China. You can have DAB and all sorts of add ons with this. If it's your speakers it won't cure the distortion but should do pretty much anything else you need? - http://xtrons.co.uk/audi/audi-a4-s4...-custom-fit-for-audi-a4-s4-rs4-seat-exeo.html
    Check out this thread -
  4. ereeiz

    ereeiz Registered User

    Thank you I will have a read through it all and post back any questions, etc.

    I see the head unit (Symphony) is still worth a few quid, I was shocked to see they're £100+ second hand from Lithuania on eBay.

    I will post mine up for sale if I get another head unit and confirm the issue is the amp.

    I got the car ~8 weeks ago on 252k miles, now on 256k miles but the stereo started playing up ~254k miles. It was already set on Bass+6 (max) but sounded fine, perhaps my love of early 90's snoop dog albums has caused the problem. It was a family car prior to my ownership, so maybe there's not as much bass in Peppa pig and the like, haha.
  5. mattyboyc

    mattyboyc B6 Veteran

    You should take a look at the quality kenwood or pioneer head units.Personaly I use a Kenwood, it’s an old unit now but has all you need,Garmin sat nav, Bluetooth, DVD, full iPod control and so on, the unit I use doesn’t have DAB but I just stream it from my phone via Bluetooth, I do have the DVB tuner fitted so I could always have digital radio through that.

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