Bose speaker dodgey/bose wire removal?


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Mar 3, 2014
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HI there one of the front speakers in my S3 seems to be dodgey, at low volume it sounds like its distorted. Only when the volume is very loud it seems to clear up. Has anyone had this issue? Its just the front passenger bass speaker thats doing it.

Also Ive read about disconnecting the bose unit and it improves the sound?? Can anyone clear this up for and tell me what it is I need to disconnect? (obviously i know its the bose unit but how and where?)
Its the bose wire that needs cutting/disconnecting directly from behind the stereo. Also from what youve said it sounds like you have a broken speaker that needs replacing.
Cutting the Bose wire will only work if there is a Bose pin detailed on the pin out sticker on the back of your headunit.

If it is labeled gala instead the Bose equalizer must be disabled with VCDS software instead.

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